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Why Use a Travel Agent?

You may be asking yourself this question, "why would I use a Travel Agent, if I can book my own trips online?" The internet has made travel planning appear to be easy by simply plugging in your desired dates and location.

Yes, that part is simple.  Here is the hard part.  How do you know which of the 50+ hotels in the Riviera Maya, Mexico would be best for you?

While all the photographs of the resorts are beautiful, what you can't tell from mere pictures is how well the resort is maintained, the quality of the staff and service, and the general atmosphere of the resort.  How do you know if the resort it is right for you?  Perhaps you love to shop, but you are nowhere near the local markets.  Maybe you want to focus on relaxation, but the resort specializes in nightlife.  What if you want to sample the local cuisine, but the resort is all-inclusive and off the beaten path?  These are the kind of insights a travel agent can provide.

A travel agent's knowledge of the culture, geography, resorts, and transportation is indispensable.  In addition, our rates are competitive with online sites, so if you do book online, you may not save money and you are losing out on a valuable resource!


How Travel Agents are Paid

Vacation Designers generally charges a small fee to their clients on most cruise and tour packages, although there are some exceptions. In addition we may receive compensation on certain travel products. With this being said, we would never steer you into booking with a company because of an extra incentive or free beach towel.  We work with all major vendors and resorts and do not promote one more than another; we will recommend hotels and resorts based on what will best suit your travel needs.

We charge a planning fee because we are customizing the entire itinerary or there are several components to meld together - airfare, hotels, transfers, sight seeing, train tickets, cooking classes, etc.  Even though you may be paying a small fee to do this you have the benefit of your very own special vacation not to mention our concierge service and 24/7 assistance while traveling!